We support our customers with our expert vision and high quality service.

With a holistic view of the development process,we take care of every detail no matter how small.

Our expertise is based on years of experience in the detailing, manufacturing and implementation of products from small quantities to large series. We break new ground while still maintaining tried and true methods. The goals of our customers are always our main priority with a constant consideration for time and cost.


2D Drafting

Shop drawings

  • Assemblies
  • Machining
  • Welding
  • Parts
  • Bending parts and flat pattern drawings

We provide full documentation needed in shop floor for fabrication process. Starting from assemblies drawings to part drawings and also a BOM list with all details (mass – surface – material quality – quantity – length/width/thickness) so you can start material supply faster, reducing lead time.

CAD Conversion

Converting Tiff/PDF/Scan-based drawings in to editable CAD Model. Convert your old projects into editable 3D Models for fast revisions and keeping an up to date documentation. If you need to convert an imperial system project into metric system or vice versa, our team can do this transformations with the best solutions of adapting sheet metal thickness, profile standards, etc. keeping the same values for functional dimensions of the project.

CAD Modeling

We create 3D models and fabrication drawings using clients Basic Engineering documentation.

3D fabrication documentation

On demand, we can provide also step by step fabrication specifications using 3D models for a better and faster understanding. We know that skilled workers are increasingly less, so we try to help them understand better the fabrication steps by giving them product assembly drawings using 3D models for a more user friendly approach.

3D Welding

Based on our clients welding technology we create 3D welding drawings so welders can identify faster the welding seams giving them the opportunity to weld more and analyzing documentation less.

Acoustic design

Acoustic calculation for noise reduction in industrial application.

3D Animation

Bring your product to life.


1. Project analysis

2. Preliminary sampling

3. Planning and execution

4. Delivery


All GDE employees have signed a non-disclosure agreement throughout the collaboration period.

We use Product Data Management software which restricts employees' access to confidential information of clients, and at the end of each project all data becomes inactive to them.

All workstations are only connected to the internal network and secured against leakage of information.

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